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My art is in the Present moment.
It comes from my heart.
It is my truth.
It is what I love.
It makes me happy.

I have been creating art all of my life. I received my formal training from Pratt Institute where I earned my BFA degree.  While at Pratt,  I was fortunate to study under Alex Katz, Richard Linder, and Mercedes Matter. Throughout my career, I have put my art on everything. 

After college I opened a shop in Greenwich Village called Designpoint where I sold abstract needlepoint canvases. Presently, my art is featured on upscale souvenirs sold nationally to airports and gift shops through my company Fifth Avenue Manufacturers. When I am developing graphics for my souvenir company I am looking out into the world at landmarks and specific icons for inspiration, and the work is representational. When I am painting for myself the imagery comes from within.

Here is a short video of me discussing how I make a painting at the New York Art 

Every new canvas begins as an adventure. I work intuitively with no conscious intention, drawing from a well of fantasy, memory and emotion. The work is about rhythm, energy, light, space, and color. Sometimes with a landscape structure.  Other times a play between shapes, focusing on figure and ground relationships. The texture, fluidity, and immediacy of paint feels like a dance. There is a point when a composition evolves and the work takes on a life of its own, balancing between spontaneity and structure. I usually work on three or four canvases at a time, but it feels like one continuous work allowing me a deeper understanding of my own self expression. Brilliant color found in nature and music are my inspirations. My soul was touched when I first learned about Les Fauves, Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, Kandinsky and when I saw paintings by Arshile Gorkey, and Hans Hoffman.
My hope is that the viewer will join me in the adventure, set thought aside, and be open to allowing their senses to take in and enjoy my work on a purely emotional and visceral level.

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What People are Saying about us...

"These are without a doubt the most amazing luggage tags I have ever purchased in my life. You would think the picture that it's going to be small but when you get it it's actually a rather large size which is great for the airport. .. I think it's a lovely way to express yourself on your luggage and not a bad idea to keep someone else from mistaking your bag for their's."


"As a New Yorker, this mug really stands out to me. There are so many of these things out there, but this illustration by Mary Ellis makes me feel like I'm cruising down Broadway and taking in the brilliance of Times Square. Loved is so much I sent this mug my cousin who's an x-New Yorker and she just loves it!"


"My husband got a mug for me 6 years ago and I broke it an hour ago, my heart it's broken too because he was a truck driver and he went to New York and he traveled all the way back with my mug.... I remember he called me and said, I GOT KISSES FROM NEW YORK FOR YOU!!!!!! I would like witth all my heart to replace it."


"My wife purchased this from a gift shop while we were on our Honeymoon in 2013, it was a memento from our trip as we always get a mug to remind us of the places we have been."


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